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Protect Your Fergusons Cove Home From Disastrous Events

You never know when an emergency will occur. One moment, everything is seemingly okay, the next, your home and your family’s safety is hanging by a thread. The best way to protect them is with an ADT home monitoring system, which provides monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s a peace of mind that goes a long ways.

ADT home monitoring will help protect your Fergusons Cove home against:

  • Burglaries
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Carbon Monoxide Leaks
  • Medical Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, we’ll quickly dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel to your residence. Every second can make a difference- which is why we make it our mission to quickly and efficiently respond to every emergency.

Protecting your Home from Property Crimes In Fergusons Cove

Did you know that most home invasions happen in the daytime? To be specific, most happen between 10am – 3pm (the hours that you are away at work, school, or running errands). And unfortunately, a home break-in occurs every 90 seconds somewhere in Canada. Fergusons Cove is no exception, break-ins can happen to anyone and any neighborhood.

Of all reported home invasions, 35 percent of victims are either injured or killed. The most recent crime statistics show that there are roughly 300,000 property crimes per year in Canada. As safe as you sometimes feel, remember to always lock and properly close any possible entryways! Ever wonder what areas of the home are the most targeted?

  • 34% of burglars enter through the front door
  • 23% enter through front-floor windows
  • 22% use the back door
  • 10% access either the basement or storage areas
  • 9% break-in through the garage

So the question is, are you ready to be pro-active with your security? There’s no better time to start than right now. A home monitoring system significantly reduces the likelihood of a home invasion happening to you.

Security Packages Available in Eagle Hill

Essentials Package

Complete Monitoring Package


The all-inclusive Basic Monitoring Package affords you peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring from ADT. In the event of an emergency a signal is sent through a standard land line.

Expanded Package

With 2-Way Voice and Cell Guard


With our Two-Way Voice Package, you get everything in the Basic Package, plus a convenient hands-free feature that allows you to communicate directly with an ADT dispatcher from almost anywhere in your home.

Premium Package

Complete Package with Cell Guard and Remote Arming and Disarming


Cell Guard® is a digital cellular back-up technology that enables your home security system to communicate with ADT’s monitoring centers. This option is best for customers who do not have a landline phone.

It’s time to fully protect your Fergusons Cove home. ADT home monitored systems come in several package options: the Basic Package, the Expanded Package, and the Premium Package. And if you are looking for a great remote monitoring solution that provides either home control (with home automation features) or video (in live video or recorded feed), than ADT Pulse is the perfect fit for your Fergusons Cove home.

Your home security needs are unique to your own household. So, simply choose the one that fulfills your home’s unique home security needs. If you need assistance in deciding which package is right for you, we are more than happy to go through everything with you.


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