Are You Protected from Flooding, Water Damage?

Published March 26th, 2014 | By
© CBC News

© CBC News

Atlantic Canada is bracing for yet another massive snow storm, and while it is difficult to predict what temperatures will be like within a week, Environment Canada’s (EC) monthly and seasonal forecasts suggest that the country’s unseasonably cold weather will continue (for everywhere but the West Coast) until at least the first half of April.


“We may get a little teaser—mainly on the weekend—of sun and near seasonal temperatures,” said EC meteorologist Matt MacDonald, “but the long range, unfortunately, there is no good news there. It’s continued cool and below-seasonal temperatures.”


What does the continued cold, snow, slushy, and wintery weather mean for homeowners?


Well, for one, potential water damage. And according to property and casualty insurer Aviva Canada, Inc., water damage insurance claims are more expensive—and plentiful—than ever.


In a recent Globe and Mail article, the company noted that it paid out more than $190 million in water damage claims last year, up nearly 70% from 2012—a company record in Canada.


Water damage affected the entire country last year, especially after flooding in Southern Ontario and Alberta. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) said claims on the industry reached $3.2 billion in 2013, nearly twice the next highest year on record. And with severe weather growing in frequency, “we expect to see more situations like this in the future,” said Wayne Ross, vice president of property claims for Aviva.


Is your home prepared for disastrous weather? Does your security system provider offer in-depth monitoring—from carbon monoxide detection to flooding?


ADT Pulse Home Automation

In the wake of increased storms, insurance companies are reacting by hiking premiums and increasing deductible limits. While there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of flooding in your home, partnering with a home security provider like ADT Home Alarms that will alert you of everything from intrusion to smoke and rising water levels is a necessity.


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