Do You Have A Medical Condition?

Published August 14th, 2015 | By


It’s frightening to have an on-going medical condition. You never know when something could happen. But, if anything is true, it’s that it is always good to know that you aren’t alone. There are other people in your same shoes. And with ADT home monitoring in Canada, you are in good hands. If or when a “rainy day” occurs and you find yourself in a medical emergency, we are quick to respond and assist your specific situation. Just take it from Gilles Jones. Here is his amazing story:


Gilles Jones, who lives in Lantier Quebec, is 73 years old and has diabetes. One day, he was in the kitchen, preparing some pizza in the oven when he suddenly collapsed in a diabetic shock. The fire alarm went off in the kitchen, which ADT’s monitoring center received. ADT was unable to contact Mr. Jones, who was still unresponsive, so the local fire department was contacted and dispatched. Mr. Jones was able to answer the phone on the second time that ADT tried to contact him. He was in bad shape— crawling on the floor, unable to turn off the oven.


By the time the firemen arrived to the house, Mr. Jones was unresponsive on the floor and the house was filled with heavy smoke. The only way for them to enter was for them to break down the front door. Mr. Jones was not only in a dire medical situation; his house was about to be engulfed in flames. Quick action was needed to prevent two tragedies.


According to Mr. Jones, had he not received assistance, he wouldn’t be alive to tell his story. He says, “As far as I’m concerned, ADT is part of my life.” He was so thankful by the entire situation; he even asked the fire fighters to take him to see the Myriam Nagy, the ADT operator who responded to his fire alarm alert.


Myriam Nagy received a lifesaver reward and a beautiful bouquet of flowers—presented by none other than Mr. Jones himself. She and her team work together to save lives and make people feel safe—an honor that she is more than happy to embrace.