How to Take ADT with You…Anywhere

Published June 21st, 2016 | By

Now with the summer officially here, it’s common to want to go out and travel to various places. After all, there are plenty of destinations to explore and cultural wonders to discover. Whether you are going to another area in Canada, or are about to journey to another country, you can now remotely monitor and control your home from nearly any location (as long as there is an Internet connection).
ADT Pulse enables you to monitor your home using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. So now you can always know the status of your home security system with the simple glance of your mobile device. Other benefits of ADT Pulse include a number of useful home automation features. These include: lighting control, thermostat control, appliance control, the ability to lock/unlock doors and open/close the garage door.

Home Automation Enhances Remote Security

Having the ability to do the features listed above can greatly enhance your home security while you are away from home. For instance, being able to both lock/unlock doors and open/close the garage door ensures that your home is properly sealed.
It seems that every time someone leaves the house, there’s that nagging worry about whether or not a door was locked, or whether the garage door went down. Now that can all be put to rest with the simple touch of your touchscreen. Perhaps you are concerned about your home looking dark and unoccupied. Pulse’s remote lighting control is a great feature to use while away—and it works with Z-Wave connected indoor and outdoor lights.

Receive Custom Alerts and Notifications

When it comes down to it, ADT Pulse really means never leaving your home alone ever again. This is especially true since you are able to set up which types of alerts and notifications you’ll receive via email and text. Want to know when a scheduled maintenance worker has arrived, or when someone approaches the property? No problem. Just set up which type of notifications you’d like to be aware about.

See How Pulse Works

Want to know more about ADT Pulse? Learn more about it’s remote security features.