De-Cluttering Contributes to Home Security

Published June 24th, 2014 | By

Summer is about to set in, and your family is about to get very busy—if they aren’t already! This weekend, consider setting aside a few hours to de-clutter and clean your home.


Not only will these tasks make your house a tidier space, they’ll help contribute too the safety and efficiency of it, as well.


At ADT Home Alarms, we recommend:




Using ceiling fans in your home will help to lower the temperature of your thermostat by approximately 4 degrees Fahrenheit, so take time to check yours. Do they work? Are the blades free of dust and mold?


If you’re using window AC units or a central AC system this summer, make sure to check the efficiency of those as well. Window units should be cleaned, and filters should be fresh. Take a look at yours. If they’re old and dusty, take the time to swap in new ones.


Remember: The more you use your fans, and the more effort you put into cleaning your AC system, the less energy your home will use and, ultimately, the less your family will spend on utilities.




It pays to switch up your home security password a couple times a year. This simple act contributes greatly to the safety and security of you, your loved ones, and your home.


If you haven’t recently, reset the passcode on your home security system. Then share it with those who need to know, and store the new information in a safe place.




The best home security systems come with carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. At ADT Home Alarms,  our installation technicians are always happy to help customers install detectors throughout their homes.


Because they run on batteries, it’s best to check each regularly to ensure they’re still functioning properly. Set a reminder for yourself on your phone or your calendar to do so each season. When it comes time to check, simply press the button on the bottom of the device and wait to hear the beep. If you don’t hear one, remove the detector and insert a new battery.


Yet another simple act that will provide incomparable protection for you and your loved ones, especially during the warmer, drier summer season.




You’ve likely added protection to your windows for winter—storm windows or plastic coverings, for instance—and now is the time to begin removing them, as they’ll only serve to warm your home in summer’s already-warm weather.


This weekend, take down window coverings and wash the inside and outside of each window thoroughly. Inspect screens thoroughly. Are there holes? Damages, dirt, mold, dust, etc.? Wash screens with a scrub brush and sanitizer, too.


While you’re at it, check window locks. Does each function properly? Take time to repair broken locks or call a repairman. This task not only serves to provide a fresher view, but a safer one free of the type of allergens (dust, mold, dander, etc.) that can keep your family sneezing all season.




Aside from a monitored home security system, streamlining and organizing the inside of your home is the best way to keep it safe for all who reside there. While we all accumulate stuff over time—mail, clothing, toys, even food—is all of it necessary? Can it be organized more efficiently? Items just laying around can cause minor and major accidents.


Move through all of your rooms one by one and organize your belongings, especially stray and discarded items. Get rid of belongings which no longer serve a purpose—consider utilizing KEEPDONATE, and TOSS bags. Place seasonal items in sealed storage bins and tuck them away in your closet or basement. This might be the task that takes the longest, but you’ll be grateful when you see the results.



ADT Home Alarms wants you to live in clean, secure comfort. If you haven’t already considered investing in a monitored home security system to boost the safety of your home, call us today.


We’re happy to spend time discussing your home security needs, our affordable packages, and our new ADT Pulse offering—the advanced lifestyle and security portal that integrates your security, utilities, and family planning into one easy-to-use touchscreen device.

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