Top 5 Fall Home Security To-Do’s

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We’ve said goodbye to summer, are in the midst of fall, and preparing for winter. What should you be doing to keep your house as safe as possible?


Our top five tips:


Fall homeClean up the yard

Your yard is likely already filled with fallen leaves. Beautiful for a while, these leaves—as well as overgrown bushes and trees, and loose furniture and toys—can become a home security hazard during strong storms. Keep bushes and trees trimmed, and rake leaves and dispose of them according to your city and state refuse regulations.


Service your furnace

Now is the best time to make sure your heating (and cooling) systems are in proper working order. You’ve likely been running your air conditioner all summer, and now you’ll be switching to heat. Have someone clean it out and check for dirty filters and cracked pipes. This will help reduce your energy bills and the likelihood of losing heat in the middle of winter.


Check your detectors

Check that your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors are working properly: change and test all batteries so you know they work, and if you can get fire monitoring protection for your home as well, do it! These home security extras save lives and reduce the risk of damage.


Stock up!

Soon we’ll be looking out at ice and snow, so make sure you have shovels, ice melt, ice scrapers, and other winter safety items are ready to go at home and in your car.


Prepare emergency kits

Wherever you live, late fall and winter storms can knock out power, make you lose phone service, or even leave you housebound. If you don’t already have one, prepare an emergency kit. Make sure you have enough food and clean water to last everyone in your home—pets included—several days. Keep extra flashlights and batteries on hand, and if you use any medication, be sure to have a week’s supply in store, just in case.


The Anatomy of a Burglar (Infographic)

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When it comes to criminals, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all type. Male, female, young, and old, all have been imprisoned for illegal acts.


But when it comes to home security, and burglars? There is absolutely a “type,” at least according to Correctional Service Canada. For instance, less than two thirds of accused burglars are over 25 years old, and nearly none are older than 50. No matter what age, 95% of them share this trait: They’re men. Only 5% of burglars in Canada have been women.


What else do convicted burglars have in common? Here’s a look at some of the biggest trends, thanks to CSC:
the anatomy of a burglar


Don’t go unprotected. Call ADT Home Alarms today!



December the Worst Month for Collisions in Canada

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Keeping roadways safe this winter is as necessary as keeping homes safe. In fact, they’re related.

Snow storm on the highway

Just last week, the annual Allstate Insurance Company of Canada released its Safe Driving Study. According to the report, it’s the days leading up to the holidays—December 21, 22, and 23—that had the highest number of collision claims, while December 25 and January 1 had the lowest.


The study examined the frequency of claims in Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario. December 21 had the most (3,150), with December 23 (3,108) a close second.


Explaining the numbers

“With more drivers out on the roads rushing to parties, socializing, their minds racing with gift ideas and checklists of things to do over the holidays, they may not be paying as much attention to the road as they should be,” said Ryan Michel, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer for Allstate Canada, in a press release issued by the company. “We all have a lot on the go during the holiday season but with winter weather becoming increasing unpredictable, it’s important to recognize that road conditions may be more challenging, so we should all drive with caution, focus on the road ahead, and be patient.”


Allstate conducts its Safe Driving Study to explore and promote discussions about what it means to be a safe driver and how to keep communities and roadways safer for everyone.


Be a safer driver

TripleA and the Canadian Automobile Association offer a winter weather driving brochure filled with facts about winter weather driving, preparation tips, and advice for when you’re on the road in less than perfect conditions.


Basic tips include:

  • Avoid driving in bad weather conditions at all if possible.
  • Be alert, well rested, and sober behind the wheel, and always wear your seatbelt.
  • See and be seen: remove all snow and ice from your vehicle.
  • Stay on main roads and drive carefully.
  • Wear warm clothing.
  • Take a fully charged cell phone with you.
  • Pack a winter survival kit (including warning light or flares, emergency food pack, booster cables, fuel line antifreeze, and more; see brochure)
  • Always have a first aid kit, ice scraper, road maps, flashlight, and blanket.

Leave the worrying at home

In the midst of holiday preparations and travel, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and forgetful. Oftentimes, the biggest thing distracting a driver is what he or she forgot to do before leaving the house.


ADT Pulse Home Automation


AT ADT Home Alarms, our monitored home security systems keep your home safer so you can be a safer driver. Now with ADT Pulse, homeowners and drivers have complete control over their home anytime, anywhere.


Forget to turn off a light? Lock a door? Arm your security system? ADT Pulse lets you do this electronically, on any web-enabled device, no matter how far from your home you may be. Once you arrive at your destination, simply log in to the ADT Pulse app.



You can read more about ADT Pulse here. Alternatively, the ADT Home Alarms team is happy to hear from you. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you create a safer environment for your family and the community around you.




ADT and IFTTT Partnership to Make Smart Homes Smarter

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ADT, a leading home security and automation provider, today announced a new relationship with IFTTT, a service that


enables consumers to create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that. ADT and IFTTT are planning to test a beta version of an ADT Pulse® Channel on IFTTT, connecting a customer’s ADT Pulse-enabled home with more than 100 existing Channel partners. Whether it’s adjusting the thermostat to react to local weather conditions, or arming the security system based on users’ GPS data, an ADT Pulse® Channel on IFTTT could enable users to put many aspects of their home on auto-pilot.


ADT has developed a number of working proof of concepts, and “Recipes” offered could include:

  • If a wearable changes from “sleep” to “awake,” then disarm the ADT Pulse® security system.
  • If phone alarm goes off at 6:45 a.m., then turn on the ADT Pulse-connected coffee machine.
  • If Life360® family members are away from home, then lock ADT Pulse-connected doors and arm ADT Pulse security system “away.”
  • If the temperature outside is above 85 degrees, then change an ADT Pulse-connected thermostat to 70 degrees.
  • If a user texts “DogDoor”, then unlock the ADT Pulse-connected back door.
  • If the doorbell rings, then send me an ADT Pulse real-time video clip of the front door.
  • If the sun sets, then turn on ADT Pulse-connected outdoor lights.


IFTTT phone 2ADT has more than 850,000 Pulse customers who enjoy the benefits of secure, smart home technology, and we continue to pioneer efforts that advance the market and provide the best home automation experience to our customers,” said ADT Chief Innovation Officer Arthur Orduña. “Together, ADT and IFTTT can provide homeowners an integrated smart home experience with a single app: ADT Pulse®. Through this relationship, we’re able to unlock all of the exciting possibilities of home automation by creating a bridge between a customer’s home and some of the world’s most popular content, services, and devices.”


ADT intends to ultimately open an ADT Pulse Channel to the public, offering consumers the ability to build their own unique ADT Pulse Recipes on IFTTT, or leverage pre-configured Recipes built by ADT and the IFTTT Community. The Recipes will react to user preferences and activate controllable devices in the home such as door locks, thermostats, lights, cameras, appliances, and the security system.

“We’re delighted to welcome ADT to the IFTTT Channel Platform and are excited about the innovative use cases we’re building together,” said Linden Tibbets, IFTTT Chief Executive Officer. “When launched, an ADT Pulse Channel on IFTTT would enable personalized and intuitive experiences for ADT customers, bringing homes to life.”


To find out how you can integrate ADT Pulse smart home technology into your life, call today!




ADT Announces Availability of ADT Pulse® Voice

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BUSINESS WIRE—JULY 1, 2014—ADT today announced availability of ADT Pulse® Voice, a new app that combines the ADT features customers know and love with the security and convenience of personal voice commands. ADT Pulse Voice technology is the first of its kind in the smart home space, enabling homeowners to log in and log out of the Pulse Voice app via custom technology that recognizes unique voice signatures. Once logged in, users can arm and disarm their Pulse security panel, control their home’s lighting, adjust thermostats, lock and unlock doors, and check the overall status of their home – all verbally and virtually touchless through an iOS or Android smart phone. It’s a new frontier in the world of smart home technology, and it’s brought to consumers first by ADT.

ADT pulse voiceADT recognizes consumers’ increasing need for easy-to-use technologies that can adapt to the pace of today’s lifestyles. From long hours at the office to keeping up with the kids or checking in on pets, it’s safe to say that despite today’s hectic lifestyles, families still want to stay connected. Now, there is no need to break away from a task at hand to manually control smart home features; instead, a homeowner’s voice can trigger ADT Pulse functions by recognizing select key words, device names and phrases to perform. In addition to accepting personal voice commands, the ADT Pulse Voice app provides auditory feedback to confirm actions and system status for all of its connected devices.


“It’s all about providing the best possible user experiences for our customers,” said Arthur Orduña, senior vice president and chief innovation officer for ADT. “As more people use voice commands to interact with their smart phones and other devices, it’s critical for us to securely extend the convenience and accessibility of ADT Pulse through voice input. The launch of ADT Pulse Voice is another example of how ADT is using innovative technology to ultimately improve the user experience for customers and meet their individual needs in a way that complements their digital world.”


With protection as ADT’s foremost priority, the ADT Pulse Voice app leverages a multi-layered identification process allowing only registered members of a household to log in. Through voice commands, a user is approved by three personal checkpoints: a secret phrase, state-of-the-art voice recognition, and confirmed identification of a mobile device. ADT’s identification technology is a critical safety measure as it ultimately allows only verified users to gain access to the ADT Pulse Voice app in the event their mobile device is lost or stolen. Without all three verification checkpoints confirmed, any login attempt will be denied.


Voice control also lends access to visually impaired consumers, allowing less interaction on screen and providing the benefit of virtually touchless technology. From arming their system to turning on the lights to unlocking doors on the drive home, ADT Pulse Voice provides intuitive technology for users to manage and control their smart home from the inside and out.


Existing ADTcustomers can download the ADT Pulse Voice App for free in the Apple App Store, as well as through Google Play, enabling key feature commands at the push of a button.

De-Cluttering Contributes to Home Security

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Summer is about to set in, and your family is about to get very busy—if they aren’t already! This weekend, consider setting aside a few hours to de-clutter and clean your home.


Not only will these tasks make your house a tidier space, they’ll help contribute too the safety and efficiency of it, as well.


At ADT Home Alarms, we recommend:




Using ceiling fans in your home will help to lower the temperature of your thermostat by approximately 4 degrees Fahrenheit, so take time to check yours. Do they work? Are the blades free of dust and mold?


If you’re using window AC units or a central AC system this summer, make sure to check the efficiency of those as well. Window units should be cleaned, and filters should be fresh. Take a look at yours. If they’re old and dusty, take the time to swap in new ones.


Remember: The more you use your fans, and the more effort you put into cleaning your AC system, the less energy your home will use and, ultimately, the less your family will spend on utilities.




It pays to switch up your home security password a couple times a year. This simple act contributes greatly to the safety and security of you, your loved ones, and your home.


If you haven’t recently, reset the passcode on your home security system. Then share it with those who need to know, and store the new information in a safe place.




The best home security systems come with carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. At ADT Home Alarms,  our installation technicians are always happy to help customers install detectors throughout their homes.


Because they run on batteries, it’s best to check each regularly to ensure they’re still functioning properly. Set a reminder for yourself on your phone or your calendar to do so each season. When it comes time to check, simply press the button on the bottom of the device and wait to hear the beep. If you don’t hear one, remove the detector and insert a new battery.


Yet another simple act that will provide incomparable protection for you and your loved ones, especially during the warmer, drier summer season.




You’ve likely added protection to your windows for winter—storm windows or plastic coverings, for instance—and now is the time to begin removing them, as they’ll only serve to warm your home in summer’s already-warm weather.


This weekend, take down window coverings and wash the inside and outside of each window thoroughly. Inspect screens thoroughly. Are there holes? Damages, dirt, mold, dust, etc.? Wash screens with a scrub brush and sanitizer, too.


While you’re at it, check window locks. Does each function properly? Take time to repair broken locks or call a repairman. This task not only serves to provide a fresher view, but a safer one free of the type of allergens (dust, mold, dander, etc.) that can keep your family sneezing all season.




Aside from a monitored home security system, streamlining and organizing the inside of your home is the best way to keep it safe for all who reside there. While we all accumulate stuff over time—mail, clothing, toys, even food—is all of it necessary? Can it be organized more efficiently? Items just laying around can cause minor and major accidents.


Move through all of your rooms one by one and organize your belongings, especially stray and discarded items. Get rid of belongings which no longer serve a purpose—consider utilizing KEEPDONATE, and TOSS bags. Place seasonal items in sealed storage bins and tuck them away in your closet or basement. This might be the task that takes the longest, but you’ll be grateful when you see the results.



ADT Home Alarms wants you to live in clean, secure comfort. If you haven’t already considered investing in a monitored home security system to boost the safety of your home, call us today.


We’re happy to spend time discussing your home security needs, our affordable packages, and our new ADT Pulse offering—the advanced lifestyle and security portal that integrates your security, utilities, and family planning into one easy-to-use touchscreen device.

Call now to learn more!



New Partnership with Life360 to Bring Incomparable Security Features

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ADT, thadt-life360e leader in home security, is teaming up with Life360, a provider of location-based services and family networking technology, to bring even more safety features to homeowners.


The new partnership will enable the development of unique, innovative, co-branded mobile security apps that will provideenhanced security to homeowners.


With an investment of $25 million, ADT is taking a minority ownership stake in the company, but is looking forward to working with Life360 to develop and release a subscription-based mobile security smartphone app by late 2014.


Arthur Orduña, ADT’s senior vice president chief innovation office, called the partnership “a perfect pairing,” and emphasized the companies’ shared vision for providing peace of mind to families, wherever they may go.


Life360 already offers features like family-wide geofencing, roadside assistance, and 24/7 access to a live advisor capable of talking family members through a crisis or contacting the authorities on their behalf.


With ADT opening up access to its own live monitoring network, as well as remote control over its home security system, the two companies are prepared to expand both of their offerings even further in the coming months.


Already Life360 has its own dedicated channel on IFTTT, the highly regarded web automation service, which means the company is capable of syncing up with a wide range of online services as well as smart home gadgets like Philips’ Hue LEDs and Belkin WeMo Switches.


This news comes on the heels of ADT’s recent partnerships with McAfee and Ford. To stay updated on these announcements, check back in with ADT News.


For families not yet protected by an ADT monitored home security system, call today! Our security experts are on hand to answer your questions and talk you through the latest advancements in ADT’s  home security technology.



If You’ve Been Burglarized in the Past

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burglar 2Have you been burglarized before?


Homeowners who have previously dealt with break-ins know that nothing can prepare you for a home intrusion or what comes later: distrust, anger, fear.

You know too that burglars and intruders are not picky in choosing their targets; they work fast; use a simple approach; and often get away with items you never expected to be stolen. Did you know that, statistically, living in a home without a monitored security system makes you an instant target?

At ADT Home Alarms, we often work with individuals and families whose homes have been broken into in the past, and we know just how frightening, turbulent, and traumatizing a situation like that can be. We’re here to talk.


In business for more than 100 years, ADT offers its customers 24/7 security monitoring, the most advanced technology in the industry, and installation technicians who are thoughtful, effective in their planning, and available within days.


Even better? New ADT Pulse, the industry’s leading security and lifestyle management portal. Install ADT Pulse in your home and you’ll be able to monitor, manage, and synchronize all the equipment that keeps you safe (video surveillance footage, locks, sensors, motion detectors, and more), plus arm and disarm your security systemanytime, anywhere.


With ADT Pulse, you’re in complete control. Traveling? Commuting? Use any internet-enabled device, including your smartphone, to check in on the state of your home and security system. To learn more about ADT Pulse promotions and packages, click here.


If you’re the victim of a recent or former break in, ADT Home Alarms is here to talk and we can help. Call today to speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives about what our monitored security systems can do for you.




Are You Protected from Flooding, Water Damage?

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© CBC News

© CBC News

Atlantic Canada is bracing for yet another massive snow storm, and while it is difficult to predict what temperatures will be like within a week, Environment Canada’s (EC) monthly and seasonal forecasts suggest that the country’s unseasonably cold weather will continue (for everywhere but the West Coast) until at least the first half of April.


“We may get a little teaser—mainly on the weekend—of sun and near seasonal temperatures,” said EC meteorologist Matt MacDonald, “but the long range, unfortunately, there is no good news there. It’s continued cool and below-seasonal temperatures.”


What does the continued cold, snow, slushy, and wintery weather mean for homeowners?


Well, for one, potential water damage. And according to property and casualty insurer Aviva Canada, Inc., water damage insurance claims are more expensive—and plentiful—than ever.


In a recent Globe and Mail article, the company noted that it paid out more than $190 million in water damage claims last year, up nearly 70% from 2012—a company record in Canada.


Water damage affected the entire country last year, especially after flooding in Southern Ontario and Alberta. The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) said claims on the industry reached $3.2 billion in 2013, nearly twice the next highest year on record. And with severe weather growing in frequency, “we expect to see more situations like this in the future,” said Wayne Ross, vice president of property claims for Aviva.


Is your home prepared for disastrous weather? Does your security system provider offer in-depth monitoring—from carbon monoxide detection to flooding?


ADT Pulse Home Automation

In the wake of increased storms, insurance companies are reacting by hiking premiums and increasing deductible limits. While there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of flooding in your home, partnering with a home security provider like ADT Home Alarms that will alert you of everything from intrusion to smoke and rising water levels is a necessity.


ADT Home Alarms is now proud to offer ADT Pulse, the all-in-one portal that allows you to accessall of your security, electronic, utility, and sensor capabilities from one easy-to-use portal—any time, anywhere, on a tablet or smartphone.


That means you in control of your home, on the go.


To learn more about ADT Pulse or ADT Home Alarms’ advanced alert functions, call to speak to one of our security experts now!




Moving This Spring? Read This First.

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Soon enough spring will be here, and with it will surely come a moving van or two.


ADT Home Alarms wants to make your spring move as streamlined, simple, and safe as possible. If you’re preparing to head to a new home once the weather warms up, review our checklist to find out what you can do to make your new home as secure as possible!



Replace all the locks 

Who knows how many people have been given a key to your new home at one point or another? Real estate agents, contractors, former residents, family members, neighbors, friends… the list goes on!


Don’t assume any of these individuals are above breaking into your home, either, especially considering most burglars have, at one point, been granted access to the home they burglarize.
From the day you move in, make it your priority to change all door locks so that you and your family members are the only ones with access to your home.



Invest in a monitored home security system

Set up your home security system before you and your family spend a single night in your new home. Choose a provider offering 24/7 monitored services, and consider investing in programs like ADT Pulse, which integrate all your electronics, sensors, and cameras into a single portal that can be accessed at home or on the go.
Round-the-clock monitoring is available to you at incredibly low monthly rates. Call ADT Home Alarms today to learn more about pricing options and fast installation: 1-877-260-3368!


Place security system signs and decals around your new home

One of the benefits of partnering with a well-regarded home security company like ADT?


Our logo on decals and signs placed around your home.


Small deterrents like this are your first line of defense against home invasion and burglary, often enough to send even the toughest burglars away without a try. Let criminals know you’re prepared by placing our home security signs around your new residence and they’ll likely move on to an unsuspecting resident instead. Signs in your front lawn and warnings on your windows are your best bet.


Fencing? Make sure it’s secure.

If your new home is fenced, spend time walking around the front, side, and back to check for holes and weak areas. If found, repair right away. This will protect your home from unwanted visitors and will help to keep young children and pets within eyesight.


Meet the neighbors; ask about a Neighborhood Watch program

One of the best things a new resident can do is introduce him or herself to the neighbors. Face-to-face introductions help to establish rapport and build bonds that, over time, will benefit you when you go out of town and need a friend to watch over your house.
Without appearing paranoid, ask about a Neighborhood Watch program. Is one in place? If not, would your neighbors be open to the idea? If so, speak to your police department about starting one; a great way to get to know your neighbors better while fighting crime at the same time.


Set up your environmental sensors

Though environmental sensors—carbon monoxide, smoke, etc.—in a new home should be charged and ready, take time to walk around and test each. Change batteries. Consider adding water, flood, and temperature sensors in order to protect your home from leaking or broken pipes, winter weather, fire, and so forth.

Want a simplified way to manage all your controls and alerts, on the go or at home? Invest in ADT Pulse.


Rely on ADT Home Alarms to help

We know that in the hustle and bustle of packing, moving, and unpacking, home security may drop to the bottom of your list. Let us do the heavy lifting.


If you’re preparing for a move and want to secure your new home, call us today. We can explain equipment and offers, customize a plan to fit you and your new home, and set up an installation date that fits your schedule.


To get started: