Approved Devices with ADT Pulse

Published April 14th, 2016 | By


ADT Pulse is the leading security automation solution from ADT Home Security, and it is currently available where ADT service is offered across Canada. One thing that people may begin to ask when they are thinking about implementing Pulse into their home is: “What do I need?”.

Here’s a simple list of ADT-approved items that you can use with Pulse. Be sure to reach out to Alarm Guard today if you have any additional questions about what devices you can use.

ADT Home Security works to make sure that new devices are regularly getting added.

Pulse Z-Wave-Enabled Devices

If you have been doing your research into ADT Pulse, then there’s a good chance that you’ve seen Z-Wave get brought up quite a bit. Essentially, Z-Wave is the protocol responsible for allowing your home devices to “talk” to one another, letting you control your lights, heating, and locks through wireless technology.

Most Z-Wave Enabled devices come from Jasco/GE, and they include:

  • Light Switch
  • Lamp Module
  • Dimmer Light Switch
  • On/Off Lamp/Appliance Module

The thermostat currently Z-Wave Enabled is the RCS TZ45 Digital Thermostat. 

You might be asking: “Does this mean I need to buy new lights or heating system?” The answer is no, but these switches will be needed to ensure you can control lights.

Approved Wireless Cameras and Encoder

  • Sercomm Wireless Bookshelf Indoor Camera – Model# RC8021-ADT
  • Sercomm Wireless Outdoor Camera – Model# OC810-ADT
  • Approved Encoder – Sercomm Model# NV412A-ADT

Approved Wi-Fi Extender

  • NETGEAR Extender – Model# WN2RPADT-1ADNAS

Approved Touchscreen

  • UTC 7″ Touchscreen Model# IS-TS-0700-B

Wait…what does all of this mean?

It may seem like a lot to look at, but when you order ADT Pulse, customer service will help walk you through the devices that will be part of your package.

When you order Pulse, you’ll have access to the ADT Pulse App. This app is available in both the Apple and Google Play store, and will act as your control hub for home security while you are away.

Call today to learn more about what ADT Pulse can do for you and your family in Canada.