Exactly How ADT Pulse Works

Published March 28th, 2014 | By

There’s a new, green, modern spin to home security protection. ADT Pulse provides complete home automation with all of the reliable features of ADT, the number one security provider in the country. The end result transforms an everyday home into a “smart” home— which reduces energy usage and subsequently, the monthly energy bill. It’s all due to the technology of Z-Wave wireless technology and the ADT Pulse mobile app.


Z-Wave Technology


Z-Wave wireless technology is the main component to all smart home devices. It’s the bridge that enables your home and your device to all communicate together in one network. Using Z-Wave technology, you’ll be able to remotely set the thermostat, turn lights and appliances on/off. It doesn’t matter where you are— as long as you have a mobile device with Internet and the ADT Pulse app installed.


Before you do anything, make sure your mobile device is compatible with Z-Wave wireless technology. ADT Protect Your Home features a list of Z-Wave enabled devices. See whether yours is one of them. The ADT Pulse app, it is available for download on different Internet-enabled mobile devices. These devices include: Android devices, the iPhone, iPad, and Blackberries. For any additional questions, please feel free to contact a customer service representative. 


Make life less complicated with Z-Wave wireless technology. A press of a button controls your home and the components inside— giving you a peace of mind no matter where you are. You control and monitor what happens; even while on the go.


ADT Pulse App


ADT Pulse Home Automation


 When you open the ADT Pulse app, it opens up to the Pulse portal. The Pulse Portal is the control center to the ins and outs of your home. Here you can remotely adjust your home’s setting, view various statuses (thermostat temperatures, lights that are on/off, appliances that are running and more). It’s the eyes and ears to all you want to know—whether you are at home or away.

What makes ADT Pulse so great is that not only do you have the reliance of ADT’s fast-response in the event of a situation, but you are able to customize your home and personally manage it.


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