Holiday Home Safety Tips

Published December 18th, 2013 | By

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Everyone loves a good, funny holiday movie. One that may even come to mind might even be Home Alone. You know the film— where little eight year old Kevin McCallister is accidently left home alone…and chooses to defend his home against two, not-so-bright burglars. It’s a great holiday movie that will certainly bring a few laughs, but what if a similar event happened to you? The reality of the situation would be far from comical.


In fact, home burglaries happen at an alarming rate during the holidays. Ask yourself, whether your home fully protected in the event of a break-in. Along with ADT’s advanced home security systems, these safety precautions will go a long ways each holiday season:

  • If you have an alarm system, a visible sticker or lawn sign are great at deterring potential burglars
  • Keep any bushes or trees trimmed back to keep your home more visible
  • Keep your windows and doors locked—a home burglary can happen anywhere, regardless of neighborhood
  • If you will be out of the house for a prolonged time, try setting your lights on timers or leave the TV on—it’s important to make your home look like someone is home
  • Holiday lights are attractive to see; just not for home burglars
  • If you keep gift receipts and also list the serial numbers of the items, it will help police track the items in the event that they are stolen
  • Do not advertise travel plans on social media or gifts received
  • Be cautions with solicitors this time of year; don’t let them come inside your home
  • Try to have packages delivered during times that you know you’ll be home
  • Break down boxes of holiday items—this will prevent items from being advertised out on the curb
  • Don’t advertise your tree and presents through an easily seen window or entry point
  • Have a trusted friend, neighbor, etc. watch over your home
  • Have your mail and newspaper held


Be safe this holiday season. Follow these tips and enjoy what truly matters—important friends and family. Keep the home intruders out of your home—unless, of course, it’s only on the TV.



Andrea Fisher is an online marketer and content specialist for iPhone spy software. She has been published in a variety of publications, including the Chicago Tribune and Business Insider. You can follow her other posts on Twitter.