5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Home this Summer Vacation

Published July 2nd, 2013 | By


Put your inner travel bug to good use. But, before any travel arrangements are made, be sure to take the time to properly secure your home. Taking the right precautions will limit the chances of a home fire or burglary from occurring.


ADT offers the best in home security. With nearly 140 years of home security under our belts, and more than 6 million loyal customers, we know a thing or two at keeping you, your loved ones and your property safe.


With basic packages starting at $29.99 a month— just a little over a dollar a day, everyone can afford the benefits of secure living.


It’s time to leave the worrying up to the pros; we will keep your home safe, regardless of your destination. We accommodate even the most active and mobile of lifestyles. So, this summer, go enjoy your vacation without worry.


We recommend 5 basic tips that will add to the security of your property:


1)      Don’t post your travel plans on social media


Social media has become an important component of everyday life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. display our daily whereabouts with great detail. Ask yourself, “Who can see my posts?” and “What can they do with this knowledge?”

While planning to leave your home unattended, do not post your plans on social media outlets— they are a great resource for potential burglars. The attention simply is not worth the risk.


2)      Ask someone keep an eye out on your property


ADT will quickly respond to all of your 24/7 home security needs, but we also understand the comfort of having a nearby neighbor or friend to come and check your property. Feel free to ask someone you can trust if they can just keep an eye open— and let you know if anything looks out of the ordinary.


3)      Hold the mail and newspaper


Nothing says a house is unattended better than mail spilling out of the mailbox or a stack of newspapers scattered throughout the yard. Before going out of town, be sure to hold your mail and newspaper deliveries. Simply go to online, and complete the hold mail and newspaper forms.


4)      Secure the property before leaving


Before leaving for vacation, take the extra time to ensure that your property is secure. Check that all the doors and windows are properly locked. In addition, check that the oven is off and that unneeded appliances are unplugged. Burglary isn’t the only thing that can harm your home. Do everything in your power to prevent a potential house fire.

Luckily, ADT provides fire protection with every installed home security system— a well-invested bonus in home security.


5)      Make your home look lived-in


Having a dark house, vacant house, when everything is typically lit up and active, is a clear indicator that the house is empty. Invest in timers, and set them in specific rooms; they will give your home a lived-in appearance.



Don’t take any unneeded risks this summer. With ADT, and these five top safety measures, be free to go on vacation, knowing you have done everything to protect your home. Remember, a happy home is an intact home.